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A Few Little Known Facts About The Coffee Bean

Though most coffee drinkers know a lot about the coffee bean including which beans provide the best taste and how best to roast and grind them, there are nevertheless a few interesting facts about the coffee bean that not everyone knows about. For example, you may not know which the largest coffee bean is and in fact it is a certain variety of Arabica bean species known as the Nicaragua Maragogipe.

The Best Conditions To Grow The Beans

Another interesting fact related to the coffee bean is that for the beans to be at their best requires that they get the right amount of sun, shade, rain and they should also be grown in the proper climatic conditions. Furthermore, for those of you that think that the coffee bean is native to Costa Rica you will have to admit that this is not so because the beans were only introduced to that country in the year 1799 by a Spanish traveler known as Navarr.

Strangely enough, the coffee bean is not in fact a bean at all and they also do not belong to the legume family either but are the pits that are generally found in the coffee berry. Furthermore, the coffee bean is graded in a number of different ways. For example, beans from Columbia are graded as Supremo and Excelso and Extra as well as Pasilla.

On the other hand, the coffee bean from Kenya is graded according to letter combinations such as AA, PB, AB, E, C and TT and also T and these grades refer to the bean’s size and shape and also density of the bean. Size is an important consideration when evaluating a coffee bean because the larger the size is the more oil it will contain and this helps to make the coffee tastier.

Even in these times it is still common to find the coffee berries being picked by hand and a typical coffee worker will be able to pick from hundred to two hundred pounds of coffee berries in a single day. Finally, an acre of coffee will provide you about ten thousand pounds of coffee berries that then works out to about two thousand pounds of coffee beans.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company (also referred to as The Coffee Bean) is based in Los Angeles, California and is a coffee chain that is owned by as well as operated by the company known as Coffee & Tea LLC. Quite Recently, in the month of September, 2008 The Coffee Bean celebrated its forty-fifth anniversary.

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