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A Guide to Wine Tasting Holidays

Wine tasting holidays are extremely popular in Europe. This is the reasons why there are multiple companies set up to help you organize your wine tasting travel in different parts of the world. A wine tasting holiday program of a reputed agency would include superb champagne weekends, wine tours in Chile, South Africa and New Zealand, gourmet holidays, vineyard walks, luxury wine cruises and exciting new tours.  If you don’t know where to go then consider wine tasting in Tuscany.

Wine tasting holidays are fantastic and bring a wonderful experience to your and your travel partners; you will enjoy special visits to cutting edge wineries, have a private tasting at top chateaux and even be invited into growers’ cellars and discover many varieties of great wines.

What will you ba able to amuse yourself with on your wine tasting holiday?  Well, there are simply so many choices such as being able to taste gourmet food, meet the chateaux owners and also meet the wine makers. You will not be able to experience these excitements if you visit these wineries alone as a person. Wine tasting holidays in different countries gives a unique experience. If you go for a wine tasting holiday in New Zealand, you will find unique experiences which you not find if you visit a similar place in South Africa.

If you choose a wine tasting vacation in France, you will be taken for a ride in the French vineyards of Provence, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone and Alsace. You can choose to have the format of your holiday in different ways if you wish. You can take the ride in a chartered bus, or in a private luxury car or a cruise, and the cost will of course vary accordingly.

Decide on a Wine Guide

The company generally provides a wine guide with the party. These guides are generally very friendly and approachable. They fully understand that eveyone on the tour will have different skills and knowledge when it comes to wine. If you have never been to that region before or want to learn as much as you can, finding a wine guide is great.

A good wine guide in a wine tasting holiday can tell you the inside story, the gossip, the real history, the run down on the vintages, the makers and the wines, without the PR, the sales pitch or national chauvinism. If you come home without knowing the details of these places, what is the point in spending so much money and going for wine tasting holidays? If you have learnt the details of the particular areas, you can feel the place.

As with all holidays, not all wine tasting holidays cost the same amount of money.  Additionally you should ensure that you have confirmed all the details before hand.  The good thing is that you don’t have to be a real wine buff to enjoy a wine tasting holiday.  It’s not even required that you build your own wine cellar to house all the wines you buy on your holiday.

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