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A Healthy Habit You Must Develop

Its seems a though everybody has been on a green tea binge lately which is great because its a very healthy habit. The research about the benefits of green tea are all so very exciting. Each and everyday more and more exciting research is coming out. But, you may want to do more research before you take my word for it. I’m just your friendly neighborhood science-reporting beauty goddess. (You didn’t know that was my official title, did you?) Instead, you can look at the information I gathered available everywhere:

2001 International Journal of Cancer
Green tea can help keep many chronic diseases at bay. These studies were handles using real people. You are not dealing with mice or fish and green tea. These were real people who live in China.

2003 International Journal of Cancer
Angiogenesis and some forms of cancer can actually be kept at bay by drinking green tea. If your blood cells contain angiogenesis then cancers will develop. This means that the healthy habit of green tea can help stop cancer that is already in existence by inhibiting its formation and growth.

2006 Journal of American Medical Association
Green tea contributes to decreased carcinogenic mortality. Studies showed that those who drink more green tea happen to have lower cancer mortality rates. In a nutshell, green tea basically appears to help them avoid or recover from cancer better.

2009 American Journal of Epidemiology
Green tea can help prevent blood and lymph cancers. The probability of you developing any of these cancers will be cut in half if you drink at least 5 cups of green tea a day.

There are thousands and thousands more reasons to drink green tea.

Green tea is really a habit worth keeping. If you don’t already drink green tea, start now. Believe me, its so much better and better for you than trying to start some new bad habit. Either make your own tea or take it in supplement form. It’s ok if you don’t like the taste, just take it in a capsule. You can feel good knowing that you are prolonging your life and keeping your skin beautiful by indulging in this very healthy habit.

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