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The weight loss industry is rife with fads, and every other day, I see a new fad coming up. Even more surprising than the rapid innovation of fads is how easily the common people are accepting these fads without thinking twice abut possible repercussions. People hope to lose weight quickly with the help of these fad products, but if you ask me, I never believe in fads, and never will! In this article I will tell you about the latest weight loss fad called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and how far it can help you lose weight.

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So you think that milk is good for your body? If yes then you really need to read this article in its entirety. Far too many people believe like you, and I cannot blame anybody for this because dairy farmers are responsible for all these. They claim that milk will help strengthen your bones because of the presence of calcium in it. They also claim that milk will give you such energy boost that you will feel like a superman. Obviously, they want you to believe this way so that they can cash in on your gullibility. However, just as some other myths are doing the rounds of the weight loss industry, this is also a myth.

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robably one of the most difficult goals to achieve in life is that of weight loss. Weight loss is difficult, but even more difficult is keeping the weight off. While there are several ways to lose weight, not all options work for everybody. For some people, plain diet and exercise will help them lose weight. For others, simply dieting and exercising aren’t enough; they will need to take weight loss supplements and perhaps work a bit harder than others.

Remember not to get weight loss tips and advice from your friends because some of these suggestions may not work for you. Moreover, some of the suggested tips can actually be harmful for your body. Bottom line is that YOU need to decide how you are going to lose weight. If you have chosen to tread the path of the conventional diet and exercise, then I will give you some tips in this article:

Is smoking good or bad? Almost all people will unanimously agree that smoking is bad, because it is bad indeed! But even certain ‘bad’ things have their advantages, and smoking is no exception in this regard. I know you will find it hard to believe, but if you are an overweight person then smoking can indeed help you a lot! Smoking will help you lose weight by speeding up your body’s metabolism. In this article I will explore the relationship between smoking and weight loss even further.

For almost forty years, several tests and studies were done on HCG to prove the validity of these claims. A lot of research was done regarding the effectiveness of HCG on overweight people. No study or research done till date has been able to prove that HCG indeed helps one lose weight. So how can the doctors claim the opposite?

Well, in case you don’t know, if you opt for HCG treatment, doctors will also ask you to follow a low calorie diet. So whether it is the low calorie diet or the HCG hormone that is helping people to lose weight is not clear.
Last but not the least, HCG has been banned in the US long time ago. If you want to purchase synthetic HCG, you will need to purchase it either from the black market or import it from another country, both of which can prove very costly for you!

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