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Aprons – A long history

When it comes to aprons for the kitchen, just pick up any mag from the 1940’s and 1950’s for women. There are numerous pictures of girls in aprons and this was really fashionable in this time-frame. Many women wore aprons during cooking, but in this time they were also worn during housework like ironing.


When television hit the scene in the 50’s, aprons were featured on programs and commercials making them a wildly preferred item for any housewife. If you think about any TV show from the 1950’s, you may remember the family orientation of these shows and every mom’s daily wardrobe including an array of aprons.


As history moved on, aprons became known and used primarily for cooking purposes. This started around the 70’s and when you saw an apron you would associate it with cooking. Men started wearing aprons around this time frame also and the stereo kind of an apron being for a woman lost its appeal.


Advertising on an apron became preferred and there were many slogans that were used to advertise an array of things. This became a great way for companies to advertise anything they choose, particularly cooking related.


It was also possible to design your own apron and it became a cunning way to make your own apron and show your personality. Cartoon characters were also highly regarded on aprons and many individuals have their own favorite cartoon personality that they wanted on their very own apron.


Aprons are making a comeback and you may even find them for youngsters. Aprons are fun to use when you’re introducing kids to cooking. There are many designs you’ll be able to find for children and you will certainly be in a position to find something that’s appealing to your youngsters. This is also a great way to keep their clothes clean if you’re cooking something that’s a bit messy.


The old designs are coming round again and many of us are attracted to the vintage designs that once made the apron a well-liked item. An apron should be a staple in every kitchen, it’s a good way to make a statement, and for many a favorite apron can help them get into the mood to cook.


If you don’t have any aprons, you may need to see into getting one. It can help you feel more of a chef, and you can make your own statement also.



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