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Are People Done with the Beef Jerky?

When I write this, I am so aware of people being influenced by what I write. Many of you are going to take a decision based on this. Now, I might sound a little too positive here, but people are wondering if the beef jerky craze is over and I want to say that it definitely is not

There are several people who are so hooked on to beef jerky that for them this craze will never perish. At the same time, many new products revolving around beef jerky are making their presence felt in the market. It is quite right to say that we are still as much impressed by beef jerky as we ever were.

The main competition is between beef jerky and the other kind of jerky which will supposedly oust it from its popularity – camel jerky. People living in the northern regions of Australia know this kind of jerky only too well. Wild camels are mainly used in the making of this kind of jerky. Camel jerky has attained its share of popularity, mostly among the people who are looking for a variation in taste.

Camel jerky is a leaner meat and one could argue healthier with lower fat and less chemical that is perfectly adapted to a dry environment, you could say it is closer to jerky than what beef is.

Camel has an amazing taste that is lots more flavorsome than most beef and gives another taste experience that if followed would certainly give you a valid alternative, also it will grow on you perhaps creating beef jerky doubts.

Even though there is a massive difference in animals it does not make this type of jerky an acquired taste it is closer to the mainstream than other alternatives.

The popularity of camel jerky is ensuring that it is more easily available in the supermarkets and there is just a good chance that it may seem to some that camel jerky will completely replace beef jerky one day.

But will that really happen? The answer is negative. Even though camel jerky has become popular today, beef jerky is the traditional jerky and it will always stay. Just for that, you need to taste camel jerky and get it out of the system. The novelty of the taste will last for some time, but like so many others, you are sure to come back to beef jerky, our beloved form of jerky.


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