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Aroma of Freshly Brewed Coffee

If an Arabian shepherd had not been curious enough to taste some pods that were being eaten avidly by his goats—and thus ensured that he spent a sleepless night—the world would have never known the rich, aromatic, hot, delicious, “black as sin and sweeter than temptation” Kahva, or coffee. For more than 800 years, coffee beans have been ground early in the morning and then brewed in such a manner that the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee wakes up everybody in the vicinity and perks him up quite effectively.

In fact, Japanese researchers have found out that just the aroma of coffee being freshly brewed, and the anticipation of drinking it down boiling hot and sweet, is enough to de-stress you and make you feel more energetic! But one has to remember that the coffee beans need to be ground when you are all ready to brew it. People have said that aroma and taste of this coffee is “The best they’ve ever experienced”.

That kind of smell or taste is not something you would find in espresso coffees. Some companies have begun adulterating the true flavor of coffee with other flavors like ice cream. A true coffee addict is going to consider this adulteration anathema and is definitely not going to come within smelling distance of such a concoction. Many people do the coffee grinding in a “burr” grinder and then store the coffee in the fridge instead of drinking it immediately. Well, to each his own.

In order to get your coffee beans ground up really fine, then this more costly grinder would be the one best suited for that.

You will not experience the smell of coffee brewed fresh if you order an espresso or instant coffee. It is important to keep in mind that before the coffee beans are roasted they must be ground. The coffee bean that has not been roasted is a blueish-green color, and the second it is roasted turns the color brown. This roasting is also going to impart to it the necessary flavor, which makes coffee such a caffeine-laden perennial and half-addictive favorite. Coffee beans need to “breathe” for about an hour or so before you think of grinding and then brewing them. Once this happens, one is able to comprehend and value the complete aroma and taste of the freshly brewed coffee. Please be advised that once the coffee beans have been roasted, they will have a strong bitter and often not favorable taste. If you find the coffee beans to be past a week old, then they will not taste good.

Quite a few businesses are devoted to the science of brewing coffee, freshly ground. Out of these, Keurig is a name to be reckoned with.Consequentily, it has a product line called K-Cups. These are highly effective mini brewers, which can be used for a single-cup serving of coffee. The K-Cups are air-tight and keep the humidity and moisture out, while keeping the aroma and flavor in!

Have fun brewing coffee!

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