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Auto repairs and how to avoid it

One of the things that most people can’t do without is their cars.  If you think about it most people would be lost without it.It truly is a necessity these days.  But it is also an expensive investment as well.And this is not just about the money that you spent on buying it.But also in the costs that you pay in keeping it maintained or in repairs.  And if you truly want to get the most out of your car you need to keep it maintained.  So here are some tips on keeping your car in good shape.

First thing you need to do is change the oil regularly. A simple thing to do but is a very important thing for your car.  I try to remind the customers of my San Diego auto repair shop how important it is. By taking care of your oil it naturally makes your car last longer.But neglecting it would bring major damages to your car.The engine of your car will have major problems if it runs without oil. And if that happens then that would be the end of your car it it would be a very expensive repair.

Another thing that not changing your oil can do is cause your car to fail a smog test.  If you couple this with not doing regular tuneups and you will fail a smog check easily.  It happens all the time at my San Diego smog check shop.I met a lot of people that bring their cars in and haven’t changed their oils yet. And they also never did tuneups for their cars.As a result, their cars run badly.  Their engines ran bad.That is why they failed their smog check test. But the problems are just begining.  Not caring for it in those ways can cause major repairs to be needed.

Finally, you should always take care of your brakes.  This is another part of your car that is used all the time.And also, it is one part of your car that is very costly to repair.  One of the pieces of advice I give to all my San Diego brake shop clients is to take care of their brakes.Abiding by these steps will make your car last longer.

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