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Avoiding transmission problems

The transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. And it is not just one of the most important part but also one of the most expensive to repair or replace.It is very expensive to repair and replace.So you should make sure to always take care of it.If you will not then it can cost you a lot of money.So, here are now some of the few tips to take care of your transmission.

First of all one of the minor things that always causing big problems is the fluid.  Not having enough transmission fluid causes so much damage that I see it happen all the time in my Escondido auto repair shop.What’s sad about this is the fact that it could have been avoided.  All a person has to do is to make sure to always check fluid levels.If the fuid levels are already low then go and get her filled up.  It is an easy task but can save a lot of money.

Second thing you should avoid is to shift gears while moving. You would be surprised at the number of cars that come in damaged in my Oceanside transmission repair shop from this problem alone.  Don’t get impatient and shift gears while moving.That is another thing that is very easy to do. But not doing it will damage your transmission little by little.

Finally don’t let your transmission run hot.  An overheated transmission will damage easily.  I always advise my Oceanside auto repair clients to make sure to add a coolant type of additive to their fluid.This will help your transmission to run cooler.

If a person does these things then his/her car’s transmission would last longer.Failure to do so will hurt them financially and their transmission willhave a shorter lifespan.Since these things are so easy to do then it won’t be so much of a bother.

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