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Baby Massage Oil

I was quite shocked to discover that there was such a thing as baby massage oil. But, it really does make sense.  If you go to a masseuse today, you will find that massage oil is very important.  Without it, the skin on skin contact would cause damage and injury.

Baby skin is even more delicate.  Underneath the skin around a baby’s shoulder blades is something called, "Brown Fat"   This is actually heat generating.  It is quite amazing.  As people get older they lose this layer of heat generating fat. 

Apparently, studies have revealed that massage is very good for a baby. It stimulates the baby’s sense of touch and is good for the body and the brain.  Mother’s should take special note that baby’s like massage.  Use a little oil for baby massage and maybe he or she will even sleep better or longer! 

I can’t imagine that any mother (or father) wouldn’t want baby to sleep better or longer. There is a need for more research on babies and massage, but since this is not an area that can be financially exploited, it is not likely that much money will go into studying the health benefits of massage and massage oil for babies.  

It’s a shame that we have such a commerce driven society. It holds us back as a race.  If you think about it, the truth is very evident.  It is not good for parents and it is not good for babies.  I hope we can find change so that change is not forced upon us instead. 

As human beings it is quite clear that we are ignorant in many ways.  There is a book called Zhuan Falun which is an excellent place to start to learn more about the world and the Universe around us.  Read that book. 

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