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Britain Consume The Most Wine

Britain now imports more wine than any other country in the world. As a nation we imported a grand total of 1.6 billion bottles in 2007, equating to thirty five standard bottles for every adult in the country which is absolutely staggering figure. The average British adult now drinks 12% more wine than they did just five years ago and forecasts predict our consumption will continue to grow far beyond that figure. Global wine consumption is on the vast increase in past years and also forecast to grow considerably. America are predicted to eventually become the world’s biggest consumer by 2012. The UK is 13th in the world, in terms of consumption per adult and despite Britain being a massive importer, the amount we drink is dwarfed by other neighbouring European countries including France.

Red wine and white wine sales are on the increase as well as champagne, whisky and cognacs. This has incidentally caused an increase in the sale of almost all drinking glasses, including crystal glasses and the simple whisky glass. The British public consumed 720 million bottles of red wine and 764 million bottles of white wine in 2008 and that figure is expected to grow for 2009. However red wine is rapidly falling in popularity, as white wine and rose wine take larger shares of the increasing wine industry.

Wine merchants have been incredibly busy for another year in 2008. Additionally, reports have indicated that many wine accessories such as glass vases, decanters and dinnerware have been selling extremely fast as a natural accompaniment to wine. The thirst for wine is set to deepen in emerging economies such as China and Russia, whose consumption levels are soon expected to overtake that of Spain which is another nation historically associated with consuming vast amounts of wine and alcohol. It predicted that the financial and economic crisis affecting many wine consumer countries worldwide would only have ‘limited’ consequences for the growth of the wine sector. The report forecasts incredible growth for the coming four years roughly in line with pre-crisis trends. Either way it is a very crazy thought.

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