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Building Wine Storage Racks

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Wine lovers know how important wine storage is.  Building up a collection of wine is a source of pride for those who know their vino, and you need somewhere safe to keep all of those bottles.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have a wine cellar in your house, you’ll need to come up with other accommodations for the precious liquid.

There are several options available to you at the time that you start building wine storage racks including using modular systems that can save you the bother of doing everything from scratch. In fact, using modular systems has a lot of advantage in case you want to store the wine racks in a cellar since they don’t require using anchors and so can be placed wherever you want them to be placed.

One of the most popular types of wine storage device is the countertop wine rack.  These hold anywhere from three to 15 or so bottles and take up very little room while providing an impressive display for your visitors.  They come in many different styles and colors, so finding one that matches your décor should be no problem.

But what if you can’t find a wine rack that you like?  What if you don’t like any of the ready-made wine storage systems you find?  What if you just have that adventurous spirit that makes you say “I could do better”?

For the adventurous wine drinker, there is nothing like DIY wine storage to get the creative juices flowing.  DIY wine storage can take almost any form that you can dream up.  You can make it big or small, elaborate or minimalist – it’s all up to you, your abilities, and the space you have to work with.

One great low-cost DIY wine storage idea is to use old mailing tubes for holding bottles.  You can leave one end open and attach the other end to a stable board or other backing material.  Make sure that the tubes are at the correct angle to keep the corks wet in the bottles – then just slide your bottles in and enjoy your handiwork.

However, if you have a slim budget, then you may want to use softwoods such as fir or pine for building wine storage racks and pine especially, is rather cheap though the grain is tight as well as straight and it also has enough strength to safely hold your wine bottles.

The bottom line as far as building a wine storage rack goes understands that you need to ensure enough storage space and also choose a proper wood to make the finished product something to be proud of and in addition, it should also have good functionality as well.

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