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Cooking Tips for the Busy Mom or Dad

July 16th, 2009 Guest Posted in Cooking Comments Off on Cooking Tips for the Busy Mom or Dad

When you’re a busy mom or dad, effective time management is key to keeping your life on track. It’s even more important when it comes to having time to spend with your family and to prepare them healthy, nutritious meals. Meal preparation takes time but it doesn’t have to take forever. By planning meals ahead, shopping from a well-organized and complete list and maximizing the time you are able to spend cooking, you can make the most of your limited time.

Staring down the prospect of an entire week’s worth of meals is daunting. The way to tame the beast is menu planning. Designate a 20 minute period each week to sit down and decide what meals you’d like to make for the week. Particularly for dinner, take into account any leftovers that may be usable for lunch or dinner the following day. Also keep in mind that schedules are always prone to change so what you think you’ll cook one night might be pre-empted by last-minute plans. Keep your menu flexible so that most or all of your meals can work for any night.

Limiting the number of ingredients in a recipe can limit the amount of time necessary to prepare it. A dish doesn’t have to be developed by a world-renown chef or have 20 ingredients to be good. Remember how your grandmother used to cook? Simple. Most of the delicious, comfort recipes of yesteryear never involved more than five or six ingredients. Especially when you’re cooking for kids, subtle notes and exotic ingredients will be lost on them. Simple meals with hearty, flavorful ingredients will not only keep your cooking time short, they’ll keep your family wanting more.

If the kids could eat homemade macaroni and cheese every night but you find you’re dying for a little more sophisticated fare, take a look at your schedule to see if you have more flexibility with your time on the weekends. A couple of hours spent cooking a five star dish on Sunday can have you eating gourmet for the next six days. The trick is to choose recipes that will freeze well or keep safely in the refrigerator. Double your recipes, too. You’ll spend the same amount of time cooking but yield twice as much.

When you go grocery shopping, include all necessary ingredients on your list and shop for the week’s meals all at once. Stick to your list. Not only will it keep you on target but it will help you stick to your grocery budget, too. Keep your weekly menu with you as you shop in case you think of an additional ingredient or there’s an item you forgot to include on your list.

Cooking great meals for your family doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Just like any other aspect of your busy life, good meals that are enjoyable but that can be prepared quickly and efficiently simply require effective time management, planning and smart, creative solutions.

Author: Pablo Maiorino

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food preparation While Camping

July 11th, 2009 Guest Posted in Cooking Comments Off on food preparation While Camping

While we were kids, my brother and I, had the prospect of roaming nearly the geography with our vicar and travel around everything our home motherland had to offer to the three musketeers, which was our code name. Unfortunately in most of these trips our nurse was left overdue as she had to work and we were given the ability to spend time with our minister who as a quality lover took as virtually wherever our car and feet could lead us. These trips were our time mutually with our dearly loved member of the clergy who while we were young did the lot in his power to spend as much time with us as achievable If time was not the issue back then, we tried to keep the resources under reasonable limits so all these trips were made with our car that was transportation on its roof our specially calculated and hand-made (by my member of the clergy tend.

all throughthose camping times and since our tend was not near by to feed us, our priest was apart from the nominated driver and the person in charge of our categorize also the cook that served us some of the best meals we have ever tasted; maybe for the reason that we were especially eager by the time we eat. The truth is that I still take into account the taste of his pasta and if I could go back in time, I would love to practice again the buzz of live with my brother while our dad was cheery catering his marvelous pasta on our carry on kitchen materials.

Other campers tend to agree with my pronounce as they bolster that camping catering can be some of the best cuisine there is. Close to the surroundings and while being able to smell all that brilliant tasty food entrance out of the fire, many agree that there is zilch improved If you are a trainee in camping, you should know that there are several sundry methods that can be used when catering while camping, like wood fires, camp charcoal, stoves, foil food preparation and more. The type of catering fashion is candidly associated to the food you will settle on to make and how you like it suitable for eating sometimes decides what method you be supposed to be via But then again there are numerous camping cookery tips to deem earlier than cooking and camping out.

Considersub-zero the meat for occasion glacial it ahead of time can keep the meat fresh and other foods cool as well. My priest used to be proactive like that and plan ahead of time. He also used plastic bags or containers to keep exact portions of the food that was about to enthusiastic carefully limited I think it is also best if you want to avoid food from sticking to the pans to apply oil on the give somebody the third degree after all put matches someplace safe to keep them dry as many camping cookery book recipes entail the use of unpretentious fire and there is no improved way to start a fire than with matches. You can also keep your food and drink in a dispersed cooler from food as it can helps keep foods colder longer avoiding any kind of spoilage. after all a great tip is to keep water bottles when they are empty as they can suit great camping cooking containers to put the salad bandage oils, or any other fluid theme.

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Finding the Best Fruits and Vegetables

July 11th, 2009 Guest Posted in Cooking Comments Off on Finding the Best Fruits and Vegetables

For most people, buying fruits and vegetables is just a typical part of grocery shopping. But what kind of produce are you really getting? Certainly it’s sanitary, and it’s displayed to look appealing, but could there be produce that is better tasting and more nutritious?

Have you ever stopped to think where that rainbow of fruits and vegetables at the supermarket comes from? While some types of produce may be indigenous to your region, so many fruits and vegetables today are shipped from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It’s natural to eat vegetables and fruit…but is it natural for them to be flown in from South America?

You can change that – and start shopping in your own latitude – by shopping locally. No matter where you live in the country, there are certain fruits and vegetables that are grown in your area that are more delicious and fresh than you could ever buy in the supermarket. The bonus in finding these foods in your city or town is that you can enjoy the unique bounty of your geographic location while also supporting local farms.

Check community bulletin boards and other resources like the Internet to see where local farmers markets are held. Locally grown produce is fresher so it tastes better. Local farmers are able to plant delicate, better-tasting varieties because their produce doesn’t have to withstand long-distance shipping. Take advantage of roadside fruit stands and tailgate markets (parking lots that are temporarily transformed into commerce areas). Ask questions about where the food is grown. Get to know the varieties of produce that are grown near you.

You can hand pick your own produce by seeking out local orchards, berry farms and pumpkin patches. Here you can get your fruits, veggies and a little exercise, too, because many farms will let you do the harvesting yourself. Go ahead and pick a whole bushel. Many fruits are easy to freeze, like juicy summer berries. Crisp fall apples will keep all winter if stored in a cool corner of your basement.

The best local produce of all, however, comes from your own garden. Why not devote a patch of yard to planting one this season? Even growing a tiny herb garden in your kitchen window will give you fragrant herbs to cook with. If you don’t have space to garden, connect with a community garden. There are over 18,000 in North America where individual members work their own plots. You can look on the Internet for one in your area or contact the American Community Gardening Association.

Finding fresh, local, delicious fruits and vegetables can be as easy as wandering through your local farmer’s market – or even just picking them out of your backyard. When it comes to your health and nutrition, these locally grown gems are a must. In addition, you also help support local farmers, and your community in general, which is good for everyone.

Author: Pablo Maiorino

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