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Poppy Seeds and All Its Goodness

July 16th, 2009 Guest Posted in Recipes Comments Off on Poppy Seeds and All Its Goodness

Poppy seeds must have been one of your most desired ingredient in cooking for you to be on this page. Whatever is your case, this article will let you know about the facts of poppy seeds which are widely used as ingredients in our favorite pastries.

Although pastries are sold in large quantities everyday, many people rarely take time to find out the facts about the poppy seeds sprinkled in these pastries. Only food enthusiasts and people who work as chefs or cook know the important information related to poppy seeds.  If you want to be one of the few who know the facts, read on and find out.

Asia, due to its climate, has the best soil for poppy plants. Poppy plant bears poppy seeds at its head. The seeds are small and dried which come with a nutty flavor.

Although mainly used as food ingredient today, during the ancient times poppy seeds were popularly used as medicines. Hippocrates brought these seeds in Greece that were prescribed for patients suffering from insomnia. Due to the recent studies conducted, poppy seeds are now used as natural remedies for coughs, earaches, toothaches, inflammation, fever, dysentery, and other sickness. Because of these benefits, poppy pods are cultivated in many parts of the globe.

Most of the time, poppy seeds are used in baking and are used as condiments or baked in or sprinkled on our favorite pastries. They are in-demand for cooking rolls, breads and cakes. Aside from its nutty taste, poppies are very enticing to eat because of the nutrients each seed contains.  Based on studies, poppy seeds contain linoeic acid, oleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, the seeds have extracts that can be used in cooking and making soaps.

Aside from being a great health food, poppy seeds represent symbols. They are used in rituals and as amulets to fight off bad luck and to attract love, money, and luck. Red poppy seeds are also a symbol for fallen warriors.

Poppy seeds may bring a lot of advantages, but they can also be dangerous when taken without knowing its negative effects. Aside from nutrients, poppy seeds contain alkaloids such as morphine and codeine which are addictive. According to health experts, poppy seeds can be eaten when ripe because at that stage alkaloids are only minimal and hardly detrimental to the body. Unripe ones are loaded with too much alkaloids, hence dangerous for those who do not deliberately plan to become alkaloid addicts.

Getting acquainted with all this information is significant as poppy seeds are loaded with opposing benefits that can destroy or improve our health.

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Asian Pear Martini

July 16th, 2009 Guest Posted in Recipes Comments Off on Asian Pear Martini


1-1/2 part(s)  Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
2 part(s)  Pear Vodka
1 part pear juice
Add a splash of fresh lime juice
Asian pear slice for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a shaker
Shake and serve up in a martini glass

Miami mixologist John Lermayer took top honors for his cocktails
using Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur at the national bar chef challenge.


As refreshing on the rocks as in cocktails,
Domaine de Canton liqueur has an unexpectedly vibrant ginger flavor.
It’s made with Vietnamese baby ginger and cognac, it loves gin, tequila, lime and bubbles.
It comes in a bottle that looks like an architectural masterpiece.


It’s rare liqueur that can find its way into cocktails and yet hold back sweetness
enough to be sipped on its own, chilled or on the rocks.  Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur,
a pale gold blend of French Cognac and ginger essence made from Vietnamese baby ginger,
delivers spicy heat up front to make its presence known in a martini-style drink or
when splashed over sliced peaches or pineapple.


What’s remarkable about Domaine de Canton is that it’s almost impossible to turn it
into something that doesn’t taste wonderful.


Good and Good-Looking.  It’s medicinal edge
clears out the white devils in our heads.


Maryann, or is it… Ginger!
An exotic intensely flavored drink that blends seductively into some of the most guest-riveting
cocktails we’ve ever tasted.


Holiday Bar Must-Haves – Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur:
This ginger-infused VSOP cognac has a fresh, sprightly taste.
Serve it over ice, or in a mixer of champagne or gin
with a slice of cucumber in a martini glass.


If you’re shopping for someone with cutting-edge tastes,
this is your category.
The new Domaine de Canton liqueur offers an unusual
pairing of ginger and Cognac.


A zingy antioxidant enjoys the spotlight.
Baby ginger lends it a sweet spicy flavor.


Booze your inhibitions.  Regardless of your romantic proclivities,
your drink of choice should certainly reflect – or at least
give a little hint of – your intentions.


Seasonal Sips:
Whether you’re frolicking under falling leaves of getting tipsy after the tents,
autumn is the ideal time to try one – or perhaps several – of these new cocktails.
Recipes from Indochine


Pretty cocktails with – dare we say it? – healthful benefits (by way of ingredients
packed with vitamins and antioxidants) will set your summer in full swing.


Iron Chef Masuhara Morimoto presented signed bottles of
Domaine de Canton at the launch of his new restaurant.

HOUSE & Garden

DeGroff’s Manhattan East combines bourbon with
Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur for a
snappy marriage of the spicy root and cognac.


Wild Ginger!
Just because you’re thousands of years old doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy.
A zingy antioxidant enjoys the spotlight.


Another rare and sparkling jewel in the modern liqueur market.
Domaine de Canton’s best asset is its amazing flexibility and
compatibility as a cocktail component.


Lauren Conrad celebrated the launch of her clothing line with “The L.C.” –
made with two parts Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, three parts chilled
Prosecco, a fresh squeeze of lemon and a twist.

Robb Report

An Asian exotic from the heart of Cognac,
this very contemporary liqueur, which melds
with a wide variety of ingredients, will
certainly inspire mixologists to dream up ever
more creative concoctions.  However
inventive the cocktail, though, the best way
to enjoy this exotic beauty may be on its own
over ice.

visit us for more Cocktail Recipes

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Egg Salad Recipes for Egg Lover

July 16th, 2009 Guest Posted in Recipes Comments Off on Egg Salad Recipes for Egg Lover

Everybody loves eggs. We commonly meet them at breakfast table either scrambled or fried. However, these are really mouth watering salad staples as well. Egg salad recipes are possibly one of the easiest salads to make. Not only can it be served as is, but it can also be used as a sandwich filling.

Below you may find recipes compiled from different sources. You will wish to try one or 2 at home. Don’t worry if you don’t get to complete them, these salads can still make it to tomorrows sandwich. Now, enough said. Gab your things and let’s start whisking.

serves 4

1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 Big spoon cider vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup minced onion
1/2 teaspoon Worchestershire sauce or
1 spoon of prepared mustard
1/4 spoon ground white pepper
6 hard-cooked eggs
1 cup thin cut celery
2 Large spoons minced green pepper or green burger relish
sliced tomatoes or green hamburger relish
sliced tomatoes or whole a medium bowl, stir mayonnaise and next five ingredients till well mixed. Cut eggs into chunks or dice, as you favor. Add eggs, celery, add green pepper or relish to mayonnaise mix. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate till well chilled.

To Serve : Spoon mixture on tomato slices or into full tomato. If using entire tomato, either cut off top and spoon out some of the middle, set on shredded lettuce and loosely fill with egg salad, or cut tomato into eight wedges but do not cut all the way down, so the tomato wedges will stay connected.

Garden Egg Salad Bowl
Makes 4 servings

6 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 tsp. Prepared mustard
1/4 tsp. lemon pepper seasoning
1/8 tsp. salt
1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed
1/2 cup thinly sliced cauliflower
1/2 cup cut celery
1/2 cup quartered and sliced zucchini
2 tsp. dried chives
3 hard boiled eggs, coarsely chopped
Spinach leaves
4 oz. cut julienne Swiss cheese
Tomato wedges
Pimiento-stuffed olives

In a medium bowl, stir together mayo, mustard, lemon-pepper seasoning and salt. Stir in peas, cauliflower, mushrooms, celery, zucchini and chives. Delicately mix in eggs.

Line salad bowls with spinach. Spoon in egg salad. Spatter with paprika. Garnish with Swiss cheese, tomato and olives.

Note : If desired, egg salad can be spooned into a tomato cup and placed on a bed of spinach.

How much time do you spend cooking each day? For some easy recipes you can use daily to create some of the best meals, visit and have a look at deviled eggs recipe.

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