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Checking a used car for transmission problems

As the bad economy touches more people it will also change their buying habits. One of those big areas that it has affected is buying cars.When times were good a lot of people would just go out and get a new car.Now if they are in need of another vehicle they have to buy it used.That isn’t necessarily such a bad thing since you can get good value with a used car.But if you make a mistake and do it wrong it will end up costing you money.

One of the areas you can do wrong is the transmission.Even though the transmissions they make now are more reliable fixing them is still expensive.  In other words it is easy to break and expensive to fix.  That is a bad combination and I have seen many of my clients suffer from this in my Escondido transmission repair company.They go and purchase that used car but they end spending a lot more money.

One thing you can check is a car’s history.You are going to want to inquire for any service records.That will show you if it was possibly a rental.Or it will show you if it had been in an accident.So what you are looking for are any transmission problems.  That is one thing I have all my clients of my Oceanside transmission repair shop to do is check the vehicle’s records.

Another thing you can do is is check the transmission fluid level.  All you have to do is start the car and let it idle.They you just check the fluid with a dipstick into the transmission fluid.  If it is low it could be a transmission leak.If you find that the fluid is very dirty or even black, don’t even think about buying that car.It is a good gauge that there may be transmission problems.  The last thing you want to do is buy a used car then end up having to bring it into my Escondido auto repair shop to fix the transmission.Perform these steps and you will save a lot of money.

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