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Decisions regarding your old roof

There will be the time when your house will be in need of a newer roof.When it is time to do it, you are going to have a couple of options.  You can install the new roof over the old roof.Or you can take off the old roof and put a brand new install of a fresh new roof.This article will examine those two ways.

So when trying to make a decision between the two ways there is only two things to consider.  Those factors are price and appearance.  I am going to share from my experience running my roofing Poway company.

First way you can go is by installing a new roof on top of the old.If you choose this method you could have a lot of bumps and lumps on the roof.Some people don’t care about it.But you need to understand if you will or not.Ask the roofing company for some recent jobs they did that you can take a look at.  Then you can see if you mind the look or not.Understand that if this is the way you choose you can save a lot of money.  So you have to consider if it is worth it.  We have done it both ways with my Oceanside roofing company and have had customers love both ways.

So that takes us to the second way which is the price.Regardless of whether the lumps will be a bother to you, you need to understand if price has to be a factor.  In other words are you willing to have better look even if you have to pay more.Or will that extra money be important to you?Now if you do, you have to really take into account if the bumps will bother you.  Many clients in this economy have opted to save money from what I have experienced in my Encinitas roofing company.

As you can tell what it really comes down to is how good you want the appearance to be.  And are you willing to pay for that look.If you have to save money choose the first method. Especially if you don’t think that the looks will bother you because you aren’t so picky.

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