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Devon Hog Roasts – have a memorable event


Devon Hog Roasts

Here is some general information about what we can do for you. When you want to mark your celebration with a feast that’s special, Devon hog roast is the way to go. It is just right for larger celebrations like weddings. If you are having a wedding at a venue in Devon, we are the experts at making your day a special one. But don’t forget that hog roasts are also perfect for smaller celebrations, and we can customise our services to your needs.

Devon Hog Roasts

Our roasting process

Dave, after years of experience in hog roasting in Devon and Wescountry, designed his own roasting apparatus. The device can be transported easily, since it can be attached to a trailer. It can hold a constant temperature when roasting and the hog turns slowly on the spit inside for several hours. Only salt on the rind is what we add, no flavourings or additives. Hours later, the succulent meat is so tantalising and tender that it falls off the bone during carving. This roasting method also produces spectacular crackling which is always a firm favourite with guests!

The hog’s temperature is tested at regular intervals with a digital thermometer. It is ready to eat when the hog’s shoulder – the thickest part, registers 90 degrees Celsius. For half an hour, the hog is allowed to rest, right after the gas burner is turned off. Even though the meat will remain hot for hours, it’s best to carve and serve it as this point, because the crackling is at its most crisp. We are very good at serving the meat to your guest, in bread rolls. Still, we can serve the meat on platters, should this be needed.

Devon Hog Roasts

Each of our staff wears professional uniforms, all well-trained in roasting the hog to perfection. We also clean up the celebration area afterwards, and we leave left-over meat for guests to enjoy.

What we will need

We’d like some hot water and access to an electric socket. Ideally, the chosen celebration area should be accessible with a van and trailer. However, it is possible to remove the roaster from the trailer if space is a problem. When the area has no available hot water, we can usually find a way around this. We protect our roaster from possible damage caused by rain with our own marquee.

Your guests will remember the Devon hog roast they attended long after it ended.

To know more about why we’re confident we can serve you, please visit our testimonials and photo galleries sections.


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