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Difference between a coffee pot and coffee maker

Many Americans would be lost without a cup of coffee when they wake up?

Coffee has a strong foothold in American culture. A majority of U.S. citizens wake up to a freshly cup of brewed coffee to get their day going. The most typical kinds of coffee makers in the U.S. are drip coffee pots and coffee urns. Drip coffee makers function by having the water seap through the freshly ground coffee into the pot waiting below. Coffee urns, or sometimes referred to as a coffee pot boils the water into the ground coffee. It’s usually a manner of opinion as to which is a better cup of coffee. Many coffee experts frown upon the urn method, but some have developed a taste for it in it’s own right.

Gevalia coffee, owned by Kraft foods is a brand of coffee originiating in the U.S. A Gevalia coffee pot can often be purchased for free or very cheaply, with coffee due to the many special offers Gevalia runs on a regular basis.

There are hundreds of coffee makers available for purchase on the consumer market today. They can range from $20 to as high as hundreds of dollars, depending upon on how fancy you want to get. Coffee makers can be single cup, multiple cup up to dozens depending upon the wants and needs of the users.

You can buy just the coffee pot itself if your maker works well and you need an extra in the event the original breaks. Replacements can sometimes be purchased at the store or ordered online. Sometimes the cost of the replacement pot is equal to a new coffee maker.

In summation, coffee makers come in all shapes and sizees, it’s up to you to find out what best suits your individual tastes or the tastes of your family and friends.

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