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Difficult emotions to deal with, depression and anger

Both anger and depression are emotions that can be bad for someone.But they seem to be on opposite sides.One of them can be seen. While the other can be unnoticeable.

As a family therapist San Diego I have seen both emotions. Both of them if too serious need addressing.These are issues that cannot be left alone and ignored.When you are angry you can hurt other people.You can harm yourself when depressed.

So let’s talk about anger first. Anger is an emotion which can be explosive.  It is a natural emotion that happens to everybody.  But sometimes people have it go too far.It looks uncontrollable at times.If you let it get the best of you then that’s a problem.But those will be the times when you have to control.Anger can cause harm to other people not only physically but also emotionally.  If it gets too much you need to seek some anger management counseling.

The other one is depression.It may be unnoticed not like anger where it is very obvious when experienced.Holding in their depression is one of the top reasons.Of course it can get noticeable. When it does become noticeable, usually it is a sign that someone needs professional help.Why would someone depressed seek professional help?Because harm can be done by a severely depressed person to himself or herself.People hide it that’s why it is or can be dangerous.  If a person gets to the point of severe depression they need professional help such as depression counseling.

When dealing with emotional problems it is hard.Most of the people affected by these problems think they can solve it on their own.Or they feel like they can handle it on their own without anybody’s help.But that is the time when they need help the most.  It is a hard thing for them to accept.But when you are dealing with emotions that can hurt the affected and the people around him, then you need to do it.

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