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Don't Waste Your Food!

Householders who regularly waster food could be fined by their local council if the government goes ahead with a new plan that is to slash the amount of food being sent to landfills across the country. The Government is considering implementing "Kitchen Caddies" so that any household is more than aware that they must try to recycle more. If any household is found emptying loads of food into their normal bins then they could face a tough penalty.
It is predicted that British households throw away 4.Each household is wasting £420 worth of food a year which is the same as 1 million tonnes. The majority of the food that is being thrown away is not being recycled and it is a major concern for government officials in the worlds push for a greener society. Currently, the food industry is expected to segregate their food waste properly so I do not see why any household should be different. corporate catering comapnies from all around the UK are expected to use proper methods is desposing their food. The private catering and wedding caterers industry produces over 3 m tonnes of waste a year which is properly disposed of and now the Government want to emulate this routine by implementing the same strategy into the household.
The Government have also been carrying out research to ban specific products in landfills as it is harmful to the environment. Research was carried out on bans in other neighbouring countries in Europe such as Austria, Germany and Holland. It showed that the amount of waste sent to landfill in from 27% to 1% after a landfill ban was introduced for some materials such as paper and card. This was along other methods to try and boost the awareness of recycling as much as possible. 
A spokesman for the Government has stated that he does not see the logic in putting, food glass, aluminium or wood into a landfill. Why not use these materials to be recycled or make energy?

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