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Efusjon-My Opinion

Efusjon arrived on the scene in January of 2009. A strategy that is woking very well, moving its products with a network of people. I like the fact that it has developed some very good and very competitively priced products.

Becuase the business plan is very simple and with the right business building tools I believe that anyone who becomes a business builder, brands themselves well and uses the right tools will see success.

Efusjon has a good product, and a cool opportunity if you know how to brand yourself and market effectively and bring people who are already looking for what we have. This is the twenty first century we have the internet and You Inc. is the key.

The tools that I think are essential and I highly recommend where created by Mike Dillard, they are… Building on a Budget and Magnetic Sponsoring. Don't even bother with this type of business without these two tools. You will learn how to build your business online, and attract prospects like a magnet. You can even get people to pay you to look at what you are offering.

With the right tools and strong branding you can succeed with any good network marketing company.

Efusjon has fused a great corporate image, four energy products, and a simple plan together to build and make money. A final and important ingredient needed is a person who will work to build on a daily basis and will follow simple steps for success.

Efusjon asks only that you buy four cases of product each month (I give the majority of these as samples) and pay a thirty dollar admin fee to set you up.

You will be hearing a lot more in the news and on the web about healthy energy drinks in the future to come… Efusjon will always be a market leader in consumer based energy drinks, a very fast emerging industry.

Don't miss the opportunity is here to create a very large residual income!



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