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Evidences of a transmission problem

One of the most expensive repairs a car can have are transmission problems. In general like most of your car they are built well.But it will be broken over time and it is vey expensive to fix.  So you want to always maintain your transmission. So now let’s discuss what are the signs of problem to come for your car’s transmission.

First thing that can signal a problem with the transmission is by looking at the fluids.  If you go to check the fluid with a dipstick it can give you a sign. If you notice that the fluid level is always low then that might be a sign of a leak.If the fluid has a burnt smell or is dark in color then that is a sure sign of problems.Always check the fluids of your car to make sure that there won’t be any major damage in the transmission of your car. If you observe one these signs then that would also be a sign for you that you need to go immediately to an auto repair shop.  I catch a lot of transmission problems early in my Escondido transmission repair shop with these signs alone.

Another sign of transmission problems is when you have a delay when you shift it into drive. If you shift it and it does not get into gear immediately then that’s a sign of a problem. That problem is called as the delay of engagement. This could be caused by a worn out transmission or another problem. I have all my clients take it into my Escondido auto repair shop anytime they get the delayed engagement problem.

And last sign would be when the gears are jerky when shifting it while driving.  All shifting should be smooth with no slipping.If your car jerks everytime you shift gear then that would be a sure sign of a worn out transmission. I catch a lot of problems early in my Oceanside transmission repair shop when this happens.A customer can save more money on repairs if only he.she can detect the problems as early as possible.

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