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Getting a Fresh Cup of Coffee

There are many people that simply cannot live without coffee. They have it in the morning, they have to get through the day and they have it after dinner. Coffee is often used as a social beverage among friends, as well as a beverage that can give us a lift and get us on our way in the morning.

If you are an all day coffee drinker, the Zojurishi EC BD15 fresh Brew thermal carafe coffee maker is the product for you. The reason—Zojurishi’s special carafe will keep coffee in a “fresh brewed” state for several hours. There are may coffee makers that will make an above average cup of coffee, but keeping it on a heating element after brewing causes the coffee to taste burnt in due time.

The coffee is kep hot during brewing, due to the insulated brew basket. This coffee pot will brew just-roasted coffee accurately. It also contains an automated hot water delivery system. An unbreakable carafe, auto-shut-off, a large capacity, programmable timer and pause-and-serve are some of the options on this coffee maker.

The Zojurishi EC BD15 fresh Brew thermal carafe coffee maker has a large number of reviews that have given this product five stars out of a possible five stars. You will get a fresh cup of coffee each time you pour a cup. To someone that is looking for a fresh cup of coffee this important.

Several of the reviews mentioned problems with the reliability of the product. While there were only a few of these complaints, there were some people that stated the Zojurishi EC BD15 fresh Brew thermal carafe coffee maker stopped working within the first year. The process for getting the coffee maker fixed or replaced did seem to be somewhat cumbersome. If you can overlook this, the coffee maker makes a great cup of coffee.

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