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Good Reasons to Use Clean Distilled Water

Distilled water helps me to swallow lots of pills every day

There are many choices of water, however which water is best for my needs? I’ve decided to drink distilled bottled water. These are my reasons.

I take a lot pills daily. A lot means over 40 capsules and pills each day. Clearly, this is a big number. I have to make sure that I get down each and every one of them without getting sick.

I developed osteoporosis and have been required to take natural calcium osteoporosis bone supplements every day

As a result of the side effects of some drugs I that needed to have, I now have other aliments. I have to swallow more pills to counter these ailments. One situation is that I have gotten osteoporosis and have had to get down calcium pills each day. This resulted from sustained use of Prednisone, because of pretty severe Crohns disease. So now I have to take two additional calcium osteoporosis pills to reverse my calcium bone loss. That’s why I have to take so many more pills than most people. When taking my pills, I am often distracted by the chemicals that have been added to our tap water.

Maybe it is unavoidable, but my town gets water with lots of chlorine. I can taste it easily. Quality reports come with the water bill that tell me the district’s water has chemicals added for many reasons. I’m pretty shocked by this.

I expect that there are chemicals in our water, because the water comes from natural places. Nevertheless, I worry a lot about the additives. The water authority serves so many people, and they have to make sure that our tap water is potable. Read the water analyses that come with your water bill, because you can learn a lot. I almost don’t want to know, but understanding these water additives is important.

With water that has been distilled, I can get down all my drugs, vitamins and supplements

One time a friend stopped by to see me and we talked about chemicals added to the water. He is on the road quite a bit, and he commented that he always carries distilled and purified water. Why distilled, I questioned? He said that this is the one water knows he won’t get sick on. In addition, you can get it in any food store.

I thought that was interesting. I had only used distilled water for ironing. After learning about his use of distilled water, my Crohns has gotten somewhat worse. Because of intestinal problems, I now have to get down quite a few more pills. To deal with the nutritional side effects of Crohn’s Disease, I also must get down supplements and vitamins, including multivitamins and iron along with a calcium pyruvate powder supplement that are medically prescribed.

Crohns Disease causes me to be very affected by odors that make me throw up. As a result, I’ve decided to use only distilled water, because I must always swallow all my drugs and supplements every day.

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