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Graduation Party Food Ideas: Italian Deli Meats

It’s graduation season again, which means it’s time to prepare a great party for family and friends. While you’re trying to figure out how to entertain the guests and prepare the graduation party food, wouldn’t you like some help in the kitchen to prepare the perfect menu?

What type of food menu interests teens and adults, you ask? Well, none other than meats straight from the Italian deli. We’re talking an assortment of cold-cut sandwiches and platters delicately and fancifully arranged to entice the taste buds of the adult and teen alike.

Italian deli meat selections are a great option because they are indeed easy to prepare. Simply layer the Italian meat selections on gourmet breads, cut and serve. You can also arrange the meats perfectly on the dish including a variety of cheeses and olives for a pretty presentation.

A few great ways to add Italian deli meats to your graduation party food menu is to incorporate wonderful Italian deli recipes, but keep in mind you can always substitute one of the Italian deli meats for one you or your family prefers. For example, some people love spicy salami, like Volpi’s Romano Salami or Hot Sopressata, while others prefer milder salami flavors. Some would rather serve prosciutto as opposed to pancetta. Whichever you decide, you really can’t go wrong with Italian deli selections. There is surely an Italian meat to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

One great Italian deli sandwich recipe incorporates wonderful selections like salami, coppa and pancetta. For this easy gourmet sandwich, you’ll need 4 tablespoons pepperoncini relish, 4 ounces provolone cheese, and 4 ciabatta loaves sliced. For preparation, preheat your broiler. To make the relish you’ll need ½ cup sundried tomatoes, one small bunch of fresh basil, 1/8 to ¼ cup olive oil, 5 pepperoncini, and salt and pepper. To get ready, roughly chop sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and pepperoncini. Put together in a mixing bowl along with oil. Make it more seasoned by adding salt and pepper.Take 1 tablespoon of pepperoncini relish and spread it inside each piece of bread. Add provolove cheese to the ciabatta loaves, Volpi Genova Salami, Coppa, and Pancetta. Place in the oven open face until the cheese has melted. Take out of oven, shut the sandwich, cut in half and serve. This particular Italian sandwich makes 4 servings, so please adjust the ingredients as necessary for bigger parties.

Graduation party ideas for food preparation and entertainment are all over the web. Take advantage of the idea of making Italian deli meat dishes or cold-cut sandwiches so you can delightfully surprise your guests. Not only are these meats easy to prepare and serve, they make for an easy meal to enjoy while talking to people.Simply put, you don’t feel its necessary to sit down while you eat them like you have to do with an entree.

Italian deli selections are not the typical finger food to serve, but they are exquisitely flavored and a great addition to any graduation party food menu. So for this year, plan an Italian deli meat menu with the meat selections of your choice, and remember you really can’t mess these up. These Italian meats are delicious any way you slice or serve them.


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