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Have your car’s transmission undergo regular checkup

Cars right now are better made than the cars before.  Even cars once considered cheap last longer.  But even though cars are now made well, problems still happen.A transmission problem is one of the biggest problems a car can acquire.It can also be one of the most expensive and not just one of the biggest problems. 

So here are some things to look for that I have learned running my Escondido transmission repair company.First thing you have to check is your fluid level.If you do forget or intentionally do not do this then your transmission would be burnt up in no time.So always carry around your dipstick for you to be able to check the fluid levels of your car.  Make sure it is a good level. 

Second while you are checking it you want to check to see if it is dirty.A transmission fluid that is dirty is a sign of problems that would come.Have your car checked immediately if you see any black fluid or if it already dirty.  I get cars in all the time at my Oceanside transmission repair shop that have this problem. But in bringing in their cars early for checkups they were able to avoid more expensive repairs or replacements.

But if you go ahead and do the maintenance yourself then you should be careful.  When you change the fluids make sure you buy the right fluid for your transmission.  You would be surprised but it does happen where people put in the wrong type of fluid.The transmission would be burnt up in no time if someone mistakenly does this.So be sure to check that you are putting in the right kind when changing your fluid.  I tell all my clients of my Escondido auto repair shop when in doubt just have professionals do it for you.  For such an expensive to replace part of your car it makes sense.

So if you abide by these things then you can save and maintain your transmission for a long time.Following the steps mentioned above will save you a lot of money and it just takes a little while to do.

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