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Held at gun point - Over Pizza!

It was a lovely sunny day in the heart in Melbourne, Australia when a local fast food delivery man decided to take a young boy hostage over a pizza. The local pizza delivery man grabbed the young child as soon as his mother refused to pay for a pizza that was over an hour late!
Once the lady informed the delivery man that he was not going to receive any money for the pizza he grabbed the nephew through the gate and refused to let him go. Local authorities were called on the scene when the delivery man would not give up possession of the child.
The company responsible for delivering the Pizza who are strangely a part time Indian restaurant place claim that the delivery man still has his job. “There is no way that he was intending to harm the child” said a representative from the takeaway centre. The whole event actually turned into a ‘Mexican Stand Off’ type of event as both parties were trying to negotiate with each other. This goes to show that people can get extremely passionate about Pizza! In this current economic climate there is mass confusion and even some businesses will hold people ransom to make sure they get their money! It does make moderate sense as the latest figures show that online food ordering has decreased by 14.5% over the last year which is a massive deficit.
A very similar event occured for me when I refused to pay for a large pizza when the company delivered 45 minutes too late. The delivery man was quite apologetic but insisted that I pay for the food which I thought was an absolute cheek! I got away with only paying him the petrol money for delivering it my house but that was all, there was no Mexican stand off!

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