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How can an athlete be really successful

We salivate at how our sports stars are so physically gifted. They are rightly so. But one thing we do not notice is the importance that psychology brings into athletics.But when you come to think of it it makes sense.  Because sports isn’t about only physical ability.When we talk about a competition the mind always comes into play.That would be why most of these athletes that we idolize are not just physically gifted.  But when you talk to them you realize they are mentally gifted as well.

Now what I would like to share from my experience as a San Diego sports psychologist is that you can become great in that aspect as well.  One thing you might not have control over your physical skills.But yo can control how tough you are mentally. Oftentimes, it would enable an inferior athlete beat a more physically superior one.We know it is true most of the time.And the thing that makes the inferior ones to succeed is their mental strength.

So hiring a success coach is what most athletes do nowadays. Most success coaches are also full time psychologists.  Just like me, I run a family therapist San Diego business and part of that includes helping athletes.That is why it makes sense that a psychologist who deals with psychological problems can deal with the problems of these athletes.

It is common for struggling athletes to come and seek my help with their depression problems.  A lot of the times that depression was caused by their failures.  So as a depression counselor it has allowed me to implement sports psychology to overcome their depression.Most of the time, all they need is that one. Because their failings caused the depression they are having.Remove the failures and you also remove their depression.

Hopefully, you will realize that the secret to success is not always hinged on your physical abilities. No, most of the the times, the secret to success is all in the mind. And by making themselves mentally tougher athletes become more successful.

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