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How to find a great marriage counselor

When experiencing marriage struggles, asking others for help is one of the toughest thing to do for a couple.  Namely, looking to a marriage counselor to help you.  But once you do get the courage to ask for help how do you choose a good one.  That is a hard question.  But when your marriage is on the line you want to answer it right. 

So what are the things that make a counselor to be a good one?  In my San Diego marriage therapist service I try to answer that for all my clients.  What my answers are depends on what they are looking for.  The reason why I say that is because ultimately both people will need to trust the therapist.  If they do not they will not work towards a solution.But if they trust the counselor then it will be good for them. Without trust one or both of the parties will not work positively towards a solution.

Another thing that I have learned helping with couples therapy San Diego is experience.  Most couples I run across want someone experienced.It just makes sense because an experienced counselor have seen different situations and can address most of the couple’s problems. And that experience will enable the counselor to provide solutions to different kinds of problems. This will make it hard for new therapists to gain experience but that is what couples are looking for.

Finally doing marriage counseling San Diego has allowed me to see that most couples want someone with the same values. In other words there are different therapy techniques.  But if the technique being taught conflicts with what they believe it won’t work.  So you want to find a therapist that shares some of the same views as you.This will make a relationship that will work for you and your partner.

Those were some of the things that couples want to look for when they are looking for a good counselor.Of course, everything is not discussed here but the steps mentioned above will be a good start to finding good marriage therepists.  And in the end that is what all struggling couples want.

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