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How to Make Sure that Your Healthy Living Recipes are Working

You may be tired of hearing all about the “substitution” healthy living recipes. These are recipes that try to make unhealthy (and oh-so-delicious) foods healthy while remaining palatable. However, you simply cannot make a candy bar from lime extract, dates and peanuts. This won’t ever happen. Nobody will ever make a candy bar out of dates and limes.

However, when you come to this realization it can be very liberating. You will actually be enjoying food in a new way. Once you stop trying to bake delicious, moist brownies out of cardboard, you can start focusing on creating dishes that you will actually enjoy.

Here are some tips on how to make your own healthy living recipes that will leave you satisfied and sated:

Always stay in season
Seasonal foods are a treat. Making sure you always treat them like that. They are perfect for making into delicious main courses or the desserts. Fresh peaches are wonderful int the summer and mandarin orange so sweet in the winter. Apples are perfect in the fall and berries wonderful in the spring. You don’t have completely give these up the rest of the, but eating them at the perfect time of year makes them even better.

Focus on the positive
Heavily processed foods are very bad for you and you should avoid them while eating healthy. So no packaged foods. Instead of being upset that you can’t eat those “little debbies” or packaged cookies, instead you should focus on how amazing your homemade treats are. Make sure to be proud of yourself for eating right and making a great healthy living recipe.

Focus on family
This may not sound like a recipe at first. Nevertheless, the food often tastes better when meals are about spending time together and not just about the food on the table. Your meal can become a time of self-reflection if your schedules don’t allow for regular family dining. Take some deep breaths and drink a good, healthy cup of green tea. Take your time eating and think about your day. You will find that this makes meals a relief even when you are not eating the high-fat foods you may initially crave.

Healthy living isn’t just about the food. Its a way of living. In closing, a really successful healthy living recipe factors in all aspects of a meal and doesn’t just focus in on the sugar and preservative content.

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