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Indian Food: What to Look out for!

OK – You want to eat out in India but are too scared of getting food poisoning? Well, dont be! I know it is easier said than done but India is probably one of the safest places you could eat food and I am not kidding! Eating on the street, cafe restaurant or even someones house in India is as risky as anywhere else in the world but for some reason some people think it is way more dangerous. Maybe it is the thought of someone you dont know or trust making your food or maybe it is because you are not keen on the cuisine itself but I would encourage anyone who visits the country to really just let all their anxiety and fears of foreign food to go. The food is always cooked and prepared on the same day it is bought so you can be sure it is fresh and safe to eat. There is nothing kept in overnight in freezers or fridges and the ingredients is always purchased on the same day as when it is cooked. Whats more is that your food order either in a restaurant or cafe will always be cooked then and there from scratch which sustains the genuine feel to their cuisine.
One of the biggest parts to the Indian culture is their food and they take great passion in preparing their food for travellers. Here are a few points to think about when eating Indian Restaurant.

1. Make sure it is piping hot!
2. Make sure there are no bugs in it
3. Make sure it smells and looks good!

In most situations these steps will cover you for the majority of your trip. You just have to bite the bullet and get in there. You just have to get stuck in and it really is as simple as that. India is such an amazing place and you want to try and be a part of that. So, have fun!

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