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Introducing Espresso Ground Coffee

The term espresso really signifies a special kind of coffee brewing system and the term in Italian means speed or putting under pressure. In some instances, the term espresso is also used to suggest serving of a single cup of coffee that has ‘expressly been made’ for a consumer instead of an entire pot being brewed to serve a group of people. A cup of espresso coffee is easy to distinguish as it always appears to be thick and it also has a golden brownish color and the crème used will float at the top of the brew and will also cling to the sides of the coffee cup.

Fresh Beans Espresso Ground Coffee

To correctly extract the espresso blend use is made of fine ground coffee that must come from fresh beans and which must also be gently tamped in the filter. Care needs to be taken when preparing espresso from ground coffee that the grind is not too fine as that will result in a brew that will be bitter in taste. On the other hand when making espresso from ground coffee and you end up with a grind that is too coarse it will result in a brew that will turn out to be too watery.

Furthermore, when it concerns making espresso from ground coffee it is also necessary that the coffee be fresh and properly ground otherwise the crème will not be present and the beverage will appear to be too flat and will also taste very flat. It is important to grind the ground coffee a few minutes prior to brewing a proper cup of espresso.

One of the important aspects to making espresso from ground coffee is the right bulk density of the grounded coffee. It is well known that humidity as well as ambient temperature play a part in how soft or brittle the beans turn out to be and so you have to ensure having a skilled and experienced barista to adjust the grind during the entire day to ensure proper bulk density.

The bottom line is that only well grounded coffee and from fresh beans will ensure desired results and give you a well brewed cup of espresso made from ground coffee.

One can purchase bulk ground coffee straight from the source. It will surprise you to learn that when you brew coffee in the morning chances are that the coffee in your home has passed through several hands including up to five or even six middlemen. And, each time a middleman is involved you will have to pay a little more for your coffee. Money can be saved by getting good quality ground coffee in bulk?

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