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Investing in an Anolon Set for Your Kitchen

Anolon, previously recognized for its quality cookware line, has branched out into knife manufacturing. According to the company’s website, its cookware items are designed to perform effectively for a lifetime and please the eye, two characteristics that one might surmise are present in any set, such as the Anolon Advanced 15 Piece Knife Block Set.

Product Range

Anolon produces three product lines of kitchen knives – Advanced Cutlery, Advanced Bronze Cutlery and Advanced Stainless Steel Cutlery. It looks as though this manufacturer believes that the term, “advanced” will help the knives to stand out from the cutlery from different manufacturers prior to anybody actually using the knives. Whatever the strategy behind the name, there are 19 knife sets available, all the way from the 15-piece collections to the single knives, and with a universal sharpener added for good measure.

Because a knife is only as effective as its blade, Anolon knives are formed out of first-rate German steel. The Advanced Collection features carbon steel, the Bronze Collection features high-carbon stainless steel and the Stainless Steel Collection is made of stainless steel, all of which can be bewildering to a person who only wishes to purchase knives without worrying about metallurgy. For those of you who care, you can distinguish those categories by the knife handles – black for Advanced, brown for Bronze and silver for Stainless Steel.


The Anolon knives are forged, not cut, and that form of production enhances the density, flexibility and hardness of the metal. As you would expect, a denser and more flexible cutting blade will be easier and safer to chop with, and the knife can also maintain its sharpness longer.

We must admit, Anolon knives are made in China. Yet their craftsmanship seems as though it is superior, especially with regards to the condition of the blades from right out of the shipping container. The price of this brand of knives won’t be a problem either, especially as you will enjoy high-quality knives that don’t have premium prices.

Other likable advantages of owning the 15-piece sets consist of the resilient bamboo knife block which comes with slot labels and a spare slot for your other good knife and also the knife sharpener. For specialized knives, you can store your knives in the protective sheath that comes with every purchase.

On balance, an Anolon knife collection is a good investment for your money, seeing as not much of it will be involved.


There are very few things to dislike about Anolon knives. Nevertheless, these are worth listing up because you prefer to understand all the issues in advance of using your hard-earned money on an important piece of kitchenware.

To begin with, the bamboo blocks often arrive in less-than-perfect condition. There will occasionally be complaints of the metal labels being rusted and the bamboo itself being black rather than the lovely brown as seen on the website. For another thing, the rubber handles seem to flake off in bits, particularly when you scrape them. It may be part of normal wear and tear, but it can be a cause of annoyance for you.

Furthermore, you ought to sharpen the knives following every task to preserve them in good form, and Anolon knives are not really dishwasher compatible. If you are the use-toss-replace type of user, the Anolon knives will present a challenge. A great set to consider is the Anolon Advanced 15 Piece Knife Block Set.

Yet, on balance, an Anolon knife set could be a handy group of utensils for your kitchen. It harmonizes easily with the other kitchen surfaces, it is made up of knives that hold their cutting surface for a long time, and could be stored safely.

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