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Just-Eat Create a New Way To Order A Takeaway

When you say or think about going to get a take away, you intially think about ordering by phone and then having to drive down to pick it up, or alternatively getting it delivered. However, as the internet becomes a bigger part of your everyday life, the way you order your take away is beginning to change.

A online company has now begun to play a bigger part within the takeaway industry. The company is Just-Eat and they allow you to order your takeaways online rather than phoning. Within the last few months, a deal with Just-Eat was created selling 30% of their company for £10.5 million, the biggest deal in the food sector since the start of the current credit crunch.

The owners of Just-eat have said that the money will be used to fund their new advertising campaign which is being launched near the end of this year. The deal should also make them be considered more highly within the indsutry, making the job of reaching their target, of 8,000 signed up takeaways, alot easier.

So far business is going well for the company as they turnover around £3 million every year within the UK, however, that’s not enough for them. A deal is currently being made between Just-Eat and 2 Canadian entrepreneurs who are after seting up a Canadian version. The deal struck up between the 2 sides is for a 50/50 split, this now means that once the Canadian version launches, Just-Eat will be a globally recognised company.

Although you’d think they would like to take it slowly to begin with, the guys over at Just-Eat are looking to expand even further around the world. A version for Norway has already been talked about and should be launching next year, then talk will move on to a possible US version.

The way Just-Eat are going, in the not too distant future, we will all be ordering our Friday night pizza online rather than calling the shops.

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