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Keith Floyd - The King Of All Mobile Caterers

The sad death of Keith Floyd and the subsequent televised career highlights last week brought home to many just how different and original he was as a TV Chef. He quite frankly makes many of todays celebrity chefs (Gordon Ramsay aside) seem rather boring.

Floyd's often chaotic and amateur approach to TV presenting is what truly endeared him to many. His on screen drinking and passionate defence about the finer things in life as well as his critical stance on modern day eating habits and culinary indifference for many made cooking cool and accessible.

Part of his success was speaking in plain English and conveying the simple enjoyment of food and drink.

Modern day celebrity chefs have been paying homage to the original TV chef. Marco Pierre White said: “He had this great ability at the stove, great confidence. He was a natural cook.” Jamie Oliver went as far as to say: “Keith was not just one of the best, he was the best television chef. An incredible man who lived life to the full and and was an inspiration to me.”

In perhaps true Floyd style he apparently died peacfully after a champagne and fish dinner.

Keith Floyds TV programmes were truly ground-breaking in their day. The format saw an often tipsy Floyd in odd locations, often performing amazing feats of outside catering. Often with no assisting mobile caterers it went wrong and with an instant quip and a glug of wine the food would often go in the bin.

Aside from his cookery programmes Floyd also wrote 20 books and its they not the TV that made Floyd wealthy. Ironically his biography is due to be published next year and ensuring his death will make his estate even richer.

Despite success as an author and presenter Floy’d personal life was as chaotic as his presenting style. A lack of business sense was a key flaw and after the popular BBC shows he starred in finished he reputedly went bust after accepting a massive cheque at his pub in Devon which bounced. He had 3 failed marriages and has a 4th wife.

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