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Marketing For Success – How to Open a Coffee Shop

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Every commercial property owner and property management company wants to make sure that their large properties have an adequate number of anchor tenants. They often look for grocery stores and retail department stores, but they also need high-traffic businesses like hair salons, travel agencies, instant printing, and fast food. To round out a good shopping center you need a bank and a good coffee shop.

Street Visibility

Since purchasing a cup of coffee, other beverage, or a snack at a coffee shop is often an impulse purchase, your street presence must be attractive and compelling to passersby. Your shop signage must display your business name clearly and leave no question about what you sell, whether through words or images (for example, image of a coffee mug).

It is hard to do the tenant improvements on a closed bank and make it into a fast food restaurant. After all, what are you going to do with a giant walking and safe, which is surrounded by concrete and steel?.

Will the fast food restaurant merely use this to store paper cups? It’s not as if you’re going to dig out 2 feet of concrete reinforced steel and a giant fault with high tech stainless steel.

When a coffee shop goes out of business, it can be converted into something else for instance a Chinese restaurant, but generally the kitchen area is very small so it will require a lot of tenant improvement work, which makes it more difficult to get a tenant to replace them due to the cost of the TI work. This means that the commercial property owner will have to make an extremely good deal to get that building leased.

Often, they will opt for either another bank or another coffee shop in the same building and give a discount to the new tenant while they try to collect money from the old tenant that still owes money on the lease. These are all considerations when it comes to commercial property and management, and making it through the recession. Please consider this.

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