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Organic Espresso K-cups: Morning Coffee with a Zest

This coffee will undeniably gain a following from coffee enthusiasts because of its bold flavor. It’s a new espresso blend from Green Mountain Roasters and, best of all, it’s now available in a Kcup. Called Organic Espresso, it’s guaranteed to pop those eyelids open, clear out the cobwebs, and even chase away a headache. Just drop it into your Keurig coffee brewer, push a button, and in less than a minute, you’ll have a steaming cup, brimming with flavor – and a real jolt of caffeine.

Green Mountain Roasters, at www.greenmountaincoffee described the Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend as being  “…sourced from a number of origins to display both balance and intensity. We look to Indonesia for syrupy body and depth, and the Americas for chocolate notes, velvety richness, and just the right amount of brightness to punctuate lattes and cappuccinos. A blend of different roasts and origins that harmonize beautifully straight or with milk.”

All of the coffee beans used for this Fair Trade Organic Espresso blend have been raised organically with no chemical or pesticides. They are Fair Trade Certified, which means the farmers were members of co-ops, and received a fair price for the beans. The blend contains coffee from Segovia, a region in northern Nicaragua where there are 40 small cooperatives organized into PRODECOOP. The group recently used their Fair Trade sales to purchase a new dry mill, machinery and equipment, all of which will help maintain quality standards. It recently established a quality control center, implemented standards, and is now regulating its export production. This assures you of a better cup of coffee brewed from only the highest quality beans.

Fair Trade Organic Espresso is a wonderful blend of coffees with sweetness and balance, a bold, complex flavor with an invigorating shot of caffeine. It’s guaranteed to please and to chase that headache. Says one coffee drinker, ‘This is a wonderful coffee. Just the right amount of bold flavor to perk me up in the morning.” Ken Davids of Coffee Review,, assessed it as an espresso and comments, “Sweetly wood in the aroma, with a hint of dark chocolate and a savory, almost salty note. The same aromatic complex carries into the cup, though the wood warms toward cedar and the dark chocolate intensifies. Medium to full body. Heavy but sweet finish with a continuing chocolate note…..” Another review by Coffee Whiz, at describes it as “Resonant, pungent aroma with great range and complexity: smoke, chocolate, a hint of flowers and vanilla. A full to medium body is highlighted by sweetly pungent, slightly smoky notes with hints of chocolate and fruit….” 

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