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Poppy Seeds and All Its Goodness

Poppy seeds must have been one of your most desired ingredient in cooking for you to be on this page. Whatever is your case, this article will let you know about the facts of poppy seeds which are widely used as ingredients in our favorite pastries.

Although pastries are sold in large quantities everyday, many people rarely take time to find out the facts about the poppy seeds sprinkled in these pastries. Only food enthusiasts and people who work as chefs or cook know the important information related to poppy seeds.  If you want to be one of the few who know the facts, read on and find out.

Asia, due to its climate, has the best soil for poppy plants. Poppy plant bears poppy seeds at its head. The seeds are small and dried which come with a nutty flavor.

Although mainly used as food ingredient today, during the ancient times poppy seeds were popularly used as medicines. Hippocrates brought these seeds in Greece that were prescribed for patients suffering from insomnia. Due to the recent studies conducted, poppy seeds are now used as natural remedies for coughs, earaches, toothaches, inflammation, fever, dysentery, and other sickness. Because of these benefits, poppy pods are cultivated in many parts of the globe.

Most of the time, poppy seeds are used in baking and are used as condiments or baked in or sprinkled on our favorite pastries. They are in-demand for cooking rolls, breads and cakes. Aside from its nutty taste, poppies are very enticing to eat because of the nutrients each seed contains.  Based on studies, poppy seeds contain linoeic acid, oleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, the seeds have extracts that can be used in cooking and making soaps.

Aside from being a great health food, poppy seeds represent symbols. They are used in rituals and as amulets to fight off bad luck and to attract love, money, and luck. Red poppy seeds are also a symbol for fallen warriors.

Poppy seeds may bring a lot of advantages, but they can also be dangerous when taken without knowing its negative effects. Aside from nutrients, poppy seeds contain alkaloids such as morphine and codeine which are addictive. According to health experts, poppy seeds can be eaten when ripe because at that stage alkaloids are only minimal and hardly detrimental to the body. Unripe ones are loaded with too much alkaloids, hence dangerous for those who do not deliberately plan to become alkaloid addicts.

Getting acquainted with all this information is significant as poppy seeds are loaded with opposing benefits that can destroy or improve our health.

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