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Real bean coffee vending takes off

Everyone from office worker to coffee shop visitors has got used to the taste of real bean coffee. White coffee has been replaced by skinny latte or cappuccino.The norm until recently was coffee made from soluble coffee granules.Amazing to think now, but no one complained when we got horrible tasting coffee in a nasty plastic cup.  However as we approach the end of the first decade of the 21st century we insist on a lot more from our coffee and coffee vending machines.

A quality coffee vending machine must start with quality Columbian coffee beans.For best flavor the beans need to be gently warmed and then ground prior to brewing.Promptly, a cup of coffee is fresh brewed and delivered to the customer.Choose between the options of fresh or dry milk.  Fresh milk has the great taste but is awkward to handle as the milk needs to be kept refrigerated and there is a time-consuming job of cleaning the machine on a daily basis.  However, today there are now machines that use powdered milk – the taste is still excellent and fresh brewed – however there is no requirement for refrigeration and the cleaning process is a simple weekly one.

These stylishly-looking hard wearing stainless machines vend latte to cappuccino to Americano to espresso as well as hot chocolate drinks made with real chocolate powder and offer tea. Ask them to put their quarters into a coin-slot or pay separately.  Obviously if you are not charging then this is unimportant.

So whether you are looking for a machine for your restaurant or office or school canteen take a look at the range of modern bean to cup vending machines.  Take the taste test and see if you can tell the difference between the coffee they produce and those made by a barista. Time is important for both the customer and the vendor.You get three satisfactions: happy customers, cost effectiveness and the ease of automatic vending.

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