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Sports pyschology and its effects on teens and their families

American culture has one interesting aspect in its obsession to sports.We worship the sports stars.  We place so much importance on our pro sports teams winning. We even place a lot of emphasis on the sports our children play.  So much so that sometimes it gets out of hand.

I have noticed this trend running a family therapist San Diego service.These games will sometimes get out of hand due to teenagers and parents putting so much stress on it.  Of course it doesn’t happen all the times but it does happen.The need for counseling is needed at those instances.

I have seen this a lot when parents stress so much in their children succeeding that they need a counselor or psychologist.  I have a lot of parents come into my sports psychologist San Diego office wanting too much out of their kids. This causes a lot of stress and problems. This can sometimes cause strains in their relationships. So they will need help in resolving some family issues rather than needing help to succeed in sports.

Teenagers really feel the need for help during those times.  I help a lot of teens in my teen counseling San Diego work who can’t take the pressure it puts on them.It is already time to work also with the family if that happens.With some good counseling and advice a lot of the problems can be resolved.

These are extreme cases and rarely happen but if it happens it should be resolved immediately.  It is time to put a perspective on how important we make sports.So if we can do that then we resolve the issues of those strained relationships.But it is the way to resolve it.  To attack it early and stop problems from getting worse.A happy and productive family will be the result of this.

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