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The Facts of Health Benefits Fruits

Fruits are good to eat besides have many health benefits for the body because any form of fruit e.g. dried, raw, fruit juice and other fruit form usually contain many nutrients and vitamins are beneficial for the body

Health benefits fruits such as dried fruits like dates, raisins and apricots contain iron and calcium that are beneficial for strengthening bones and maintain good blood. To consume the fruit as much as 1 or 2 fruit per day can help your digestive tract and ease bowel action

Various types of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems and so on, can reduce by eating some fruits sources of vitamin C such as apple, lemons, Oranges and Guava. Papaya fruit as well contains vitamin C and carotene are changed to vitamin A which is really good for body health. The nutrients in apples, dates and mangoes can sharpen memory, prevent exhaustion, mental tension, and hysteria insomnia, besides apples, lemons, oranges and pomegranates also helps the functioning of the heart

Banana, grapes, and figs are good for all brain deficiencies. Pineapple and pomegranate fruit can help reduce fever soothe inflammation of the nose, throat, and other chronic or bronchial disease. Sodium, Iron, and phosphorus that are contained in berries fruit, have health benefits to stronger the nerves and blood development. Lychees fruits also contain vitamin C, phosphorus, and iron, sucrose and glucose. Lychees fruit consumed at night can increase the energy reserves for the next day. Fruits of watermelon can clean the kidneys too

Avoid cooking the fruit for cooking when there are the nutrient salt and carbohydrate loss, but make sure that the raw and ripe fruit that you eat is not contaminated with various chemicals that can damage the body, and in addition do not forget to wash the fruit before it consumed

Fruits generally have dissimilar nutrients; another types of nutrients or the quantity of nutrients contained in fruit and in essence, the more various the fruit we eat the better in order to make perfect nutrition and the health benefits fruits to be acquired for the body

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