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The Italian Gaggia Platinum Swing Coffee Maker

The new line of Gaggia super-automatic coffee machines – Gaggia Platinum is the result of combination of last generation technology and refined design. Designed and manufactured in Italy with the only purpose of creating the most unique and perfect espresso each and every time, the five models of Gaggia Platinum represent elegant examples of design and professional performance and follow in footsteps of the excellent Gaggia Evolution. The five Platinum coffee makers are Vision, Swing Up, Swing, Vogue and Event. All are attractively designed and easy to use. The two main differences are finishes and control panel interfaces. The top of the line, Gaggia Vision, comes with exclusive touch screen which allows you to select a desired function or to enter the programming menu by a simple touch on the screen. Both Swing Up and Swing feature the sleek LCD displays with Click Dial, allowing you an easy control of all the functions. The Vogue and Event have simple and functional analog control interfaces. Also adjustable drip-trays are controlled electronically in Vision and Swing Up Gaggia Platinum coffee machines, whereas Swing, Vogue and Event are equipped with manually adjusted trays.


The Gaggia Platinum Swing has a simple exterior, underscoring the impressive technology housed within. This model from Gaggia uses Rapid Steam Technology to provide ample power when switching back and forth between brewing and steaming. The boiler is made of stainless steel for ultimate heat retention and durability, and steam from the boiler is even used on the optional Gaggia Milk Island to make automatic cappuccinos and lattes.


Beneath the exterior lies the heavy-duty stainless steel Rapid Steam boiler system, which allows you to switch between brewing and steaming and back without the down time normally associated with warming up and cooling down. With the Rapid Steam boiler system and optional Gaggia Milk Island, you’re sure to have any of a menu of drinks – café americano, latte, espresso, café crema, cappuccino, café breve – whenever you want it, and how many you want. A Rapid Steam boiler system is what truly elevates the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up into the realm of high-class espresso machine.


Gaggia’s focus on innovation optimizes the machine’s simplicity, ease of use, and most importantly, the quality of each shot of espresso. The Gaggia Platinum Swing Up is characterized by a user-friendly interface – a circular dial in the center works similar to an iPod click wheel, allowing you to swing your finger to select the function. Above this touch ring dial is the 24-character LCD screen, which shows your beverage options and programming choices.


The backlit touch ring is the center of the programming menu, and at its center is the confirmation button, signified by an icon of a coffee cup. Above the wheel is a digital LCD screen, which works to guide you through programming and functions. To the left of the wheel are two backlit buttons – the top one has the letter M above a down arrow, and brings you to the menu. The bottom button has a coffee bean icon, and is for changing the coffee dosage from 7-10.5 grams, as well as for using the bypass doser. To the right of the wheel are another two buttons. The top one shows a burst of steam and is for the steam wand, and the bottom one has a droplet of water as an icon and dispenses hot water.


Programming comes in the form of a click wheel similar to the one you use to program your iPod. Move your finger around the click wheel to scroll through options, which are displayed on the digital LCD screen above the circle. This digital LCD screen ensures that you’re always aware of programming options and what’s going on inside the machine, making the Gaggia Platinum Swing a straightforward machine no matter how much experience you have with super automatics.


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