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The most tasty Indian dishes

I hate to break the news to those curry fanatics out there but tasting Indian curry in England is a million miles away to the real authentic taste in India itself. In actual fact, most of the curry dishes and Indian food over in the UK is not even India! In actual fact the vast majority of Indian food in England originate from Bangladesh but no one really knows the difference. Depending on where you visit in India the cuisine can change quite dramatically. Northern India mainly specialises in non-spicy food made mostly with vegetables rather than meat and in Southern India they pretty much do the opposite. Some 20-40% of the population make up vegetarians with only 30% as regular meat eaters. The Indian cuisine relies on several exotic spices and plenty of varying meats from all over India. The vegetable Kofta is a lovely blend of vegetables, potatoes and curry sauce which is a very popular dish throughout Northern India. Another would be the Vegetable Mogli which is another blend of vegetables and fruits like pineapple, mango, apple and raisins. This is truly a dish to die for and is a must have if you visit India. One more ‘must have’ in the Indian cuisine is a dish named, Thali. The dish, Thali is comprised of several small portions of varying curries, rice and nan. It is a gorgeous mix of different dishes and always good value for your money!

India’s religious beliefs and culture have played a massive part in the evolution of their cuisine. There is a strong claim that curry originated from India and their influence on cuisine has affected the entire globe especially South East Asia. It is said that Indian food is arguable one of the most favourite dishes in the world mainly thanks to its enormously long history and heritage.

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