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The problems of emotions such as anger and depression

Emotions can sometimes be enjoyable or, at other times, be destructive.Emotions like love, joy, happiness are wonderful and good.  Then you have things like anger, sadness, or depression.  Emotions also, but something hard to handle at times.  Most of the times people are able to control it.But there are situation where these emotions can be dangerous.

One example is depression that is tough to overcome.  It can be caused by a tragic event in someone’s life.Tragedies or events like losing a loved one can trigger it.  Or sometimes it can be a chemical imbalance.One dangerous emotion that was shown in the news is when a man’s depression turned into rage and anger.His situation is so hopeless that his depression turned into anger. He went berserk and he hurt some people.That is an isolated and extreme case but it does happen.  That is why as a depression counselor I try to tackle the problem head on before it can turn into anger.

Well, if it does turn into anger then you have to consult another form of counseling.  And that form is anger management counseling help.Because unlike depression where the affected person’s mood is always passive.Anger have the ability to hurt others and can sometimes be fatal.So if one is angry all the time without any real provocation then he/she must deal with it immedaitely and seek help before it gets any worse for him/her.

Of course in my family therapist San Diego practice I see a full range of emotions.I usually see it when it is already affecting the family.That is when counselings are needed the most. One thing you don’t want to happen is let uncontrollable emotions destroy your family.And the goal of every counselor is to stop it while it is still in its early stages.  A good thoughtful counseling program can do that and save many families.It has happened time and time again with the help of good and effective counseling.

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