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The reasons behind success and failure in sports

Sports and succeeding in it is a funny thing.You can have someone who is a fine athlete yet can’t succeed.  Then you can have an average athlete who excels beyond expectations.  At first it seems unexplainable.  But upon a closer look you see the main reason for success and failure has been the mind.But what is the reasons for that?In this article that is something we are going to look at more closely.

So what is the reason the mind has become so important in sports?  As a San Diego sports psychologist I have been priveleged to see first hand why this is so.  First off the stereotype of athletes being big and dumb is false.Athletes are really some of the smartest people around.  And the most successful ones use are successful because they know how to use the mind.

Funny thing a lot of athletes come in needing my anger management San Diego practice.Quite a few times the anger begins because they have failures in sports.But what I have been able to do is help people to turn it around.The way to help them get back on track is to show them the reason for failure starts in the mind.By learning how to use the mind effectively, they can accomplish great things.It has been shown to be true over and over again.

Once an athlete becomes aware and understands how powerful the mind is, they can become successful.A lot of the times they are able to have tremendous success.It is just like how most things of life are.  The mind has so much impact on actions and results.I see that it doesn’t just happen with athletes, but it also affects with some families I deal with.  The San Diego family therapist practice I run I have used some of the same principles to help families achieve success.  Success in overcoming whatever family struggles they may be having.  In life and sports a lot of times the key is in your mind.

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