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The Saeco Primea Ring Espresso Machine

With the ability to deliver not 1, but 2 cappuccinos or lattes at the same time, the Primea Ring is an all-inclusive home coffee station. Like all super automatic espresso machines, the Primea Ring grinds, tamps and brews, but unlike most of the competition, this machine can froth and steam automatically. The Primea Ring features an internal frothing system and 2 dispensing spouts for double the espresso, and the contemporary click-wheel control system is stylish and simple.


The Primea Ring is pre-programmed for 8 different drink selections: hot milk, hot water, espresso, coffee, long coffee, espresso macchiato, cappuccino and latte macchiato. Accessing your preferred drink is made easy by a simple click-wheel dial, which lets you scroll through your choices and shows them on the digital display. To customize your drink settings, the Primea Ring has 4 control buttons around the click-wheel to access the menu, change coffee strength, adjust milk drinks, and select hot water. For each drink selection, you can program just about everything, from coffee and milk volumes to strength, temperature and pre-infusion settings. You can easily navigate through any of the machine’s programming features with the click-wheel, and when you want to confirm your changes, just press the coffee icon in the center of the dial.

The Saeco Talea Ring Plus is operated with the same technology found on the iPod. This new interface is exclusively available for the Talea Ring Plus and the Primea Ring. “Ring” refers Saeco’s new Click Wheel, a tactile sensitive circular control, positioned in the middle of the control panel. Scroll through the Talea Ring’s various drink preparation options by sliding your finger around the circular panel. As you search, each of the options appears on the digital display. Once you find your desired setting, just push the coffee cup image in the middle of the ring. Designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, the all new Talea Ring Plus is fitted with Saeco’s newest grinding, brewing, and frothing technology, all of which can be operated from a digital interface and revolutionary new control set.

Thanks to Saeco’s 2 dispensing spouts, you can make 2 lattes or cappuccinos at the same time. The internal milk container holds enough milk for up to 4 cappuccinos, and you can double the drink quantity by pressing the coffee button twice. With the ability to make 2 milk drinks at once, the Saeco Primea line is in a class by itself. Just place 2 cups below the dispensing spouts, press the milk button and use the click-wheel to make your drink selection, then choose your coffee strength and the Primea Ring does the rest.

The Talea Ring Plus comes equipped with the Milk Island, a pain-free milk frothing device unique to the Saeco Talea line of Super Automatics. Simply plug its special stand into the bottom of the Talea Ring Plus, fill the pitcher with cold milk, and turn the steam knob to the Milk Island position. With no adjustments needed, the Saeco Milk Island will automatically froth and steam your milk which can be immediately poured into the cup of your choice. A special one-way valve prevents milk from being siphoned into your Talea, so only the glass carafe need to be cleaned. The Milk Island can be used in conjunction with the Panarello frothing wand if you prefer to steam and froth milk manually. This special wand divides the steam jet in 3 separate directions to enhance the frothing process. The Panarello wand can also dispense hot water for tea with absolutely no waiting time.

With SBS you can prepare all possible types of coffee with just one automatic machine. Freely choose and adjust the taste and intensity of your coffee with the turn of a knob. No more adjusting the fineness of the grind – SBS does it for you based on your flavor preference. Moreover, only with SBS is the coffee dose in the brewing chamber utilised in the best way possible, thanks to the pressure that stays constant during the entire brewing process. This way it is possible to savour all of the aroma produced by the entire quantity of coffee used.

The Saeco Primea Ring is a state of the art coffee machine that will provide you with years of cafe style coffee just the way you like it. Designed with the best in features, inside the stylish body of this coffee machine is cutting edge technology with features that set it apart from the rest.

The Saeco Talea Ring Plus can easily become the centerpiece of any home kitchen. With amazing styling and fast brewing, this all in one machine will become a conversation piece and an entertaining must.



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