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The Very Best Ground Coffee: Eight O’ Clock Coffee

Recently, a Colombian coffee called Eight O’ Clock Coffee was voted the best ground coffee. The people ranking this coffee were none other than the ones at Consumer Reports that had tested out nineteen other ground coffees including the likes of Folgers and Maxwell House and even Starbucks – each of which is easily considered among the best ground coffees in America. According to tests conducted by Consumer Reports it was found that Eight O’ Clock Coffee provided the best aroma as well as taste and in addition this best ground coffee also boasted of some excellent fruitiness and floral touches and it was just mildly bitter and had plenty of body to give drinkers a very rich taste.

Hundred Percent Colombian

The Eight O’ Clock Coffee is hundred percent Colombian and costs around six and a half dollars per pound which is less than half the price of a similar among to Gloria Jean’s and also Peet’s and some of the other costlier brands. The complex blends of fruitiness and earthiness along with a pleasant sourness all ensure that this ground coffee be deemed the best ground coffee.

Comparing Eight O’ Clock coffee with Starbucks showed that the latter that are almost double the price of the Eight O’ Clock was not even considered among the top ten best ground coffee and in fact it even trailed the other decaf coffees. The trouble with Starbucks ground coffee seemed to be that it provided a taste that seemed to be too burnt and the flavor was too bitter and you would only get a good taste by adding some sugar and milk to the coffee.

In order to pick the best ground coffee it is first of all necessary that you start of by deciding how you wish to take the coffee including black or with milk and even with some cream. Next, you need to have a high quality coffeemaker that can brew at between 195 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, the greatest ground coffee is also sure to be one that provides the freshest taste and which gives off the most pleasant aroma. For more information about choosing the best ground coffee why not check out

Most of us don’t think twice about trashing the used up coffee grounds. However, it will certainly pay to also look at using coffee grounds as fertilizers. It is well known that coffee grounds can prove to be excellent fertilizers and will enable your plants to grow better. When used to help grow your tomatoes for example you will be amazed at the results obtained after adding coffee ground to the soil.

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