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The World’s Spiciest Foods

What is the most spicy food known to man? That is a question that a lot of us ask. The vast majority of the world's spiciest dishes do indeed originate from India and contain a notorious key ingredient. The Bhut Jolokia Chilli Pepper. The worlds most spicy ingredient was confirmed by the Guiness Book of World Records as being the Bhut Jolokia which is mainly found in Southern India.

However, India is not the only location to have some of the world’s spiciest food. Indian Takeaways from around the world varies in its ingredients and the amount of areas where you will find the spiciest ingredients are rare.

On the flip side, America does consist of its own varying spicy dishes that are world renowned. In Chicago, Illinois the “Hot Suicide Wings” require a disclaimer before even eating them! They are basically chicken wings made with a very very spicy ingredient called Red Savina Habanero which is found in Mexican deserts.

Next up we have the well known "Devil Pork Curry" which is custom in Malaysia. It is very much the same as the infamous Vindaloo dish from India yet it is mainly comprised from mustard, vinegar and chillies!
In mainland China we have the infamous "Hot Pot Sichuan Province" which is one of the most recent and most potent dishes. The lovely looking dish is extremely deceitful in its appearance as it truly is one of the most spicy dishes on earth! The dish is comprised of numerous meats and vegetables however the most notable and potent add on is the Sichuan flower which produces a numbing effect when you eat it.

In last place we have one the most spicy and recent dishes known to all master cooks out there. The South Korean stew is made up from several different ingredients but the most spicy one is the base of the Kimchi which is a spicy pickled garnish made from Cantonese Beaechu. Yet the real triumph of the dish is the sheer amount of chillies that they chuck into the mix for good measure. They are dried red chilli peppers which form a near lethal combination during pickling process with the piquant cabbage.

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