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Used cars and maintenance records

One of the current trends going on with buying a used car is their maintenance records.Most people are now wanting to see if a car they want to buy has a record of maintenance. Because if you do have someone who did care for their car, you can trust that it should last longer. So if you own a car it is very important to keep all the records of service.  Because a buyer will want to see that.

So one of the things you want to make sure to do is to keep a receipt of all service you do for your car.  In my San Diego auto repair business I make sure to give all my clients a receipt of the work that was done.Be certain that the companies you are taking it into will do the same thing.  This could mean the difference in getting the price you want or settling for a lot less.

Another thing, when you take your car in and get a tune up, make sure you keep that record.Getting your vehicle tuned up on a regular schedule will help it run longer and smoother.It is also beneficial in making your car pass any sort of smog test a lot easier.  In my San Dieg smog check center I notice cars that weren’t tuned up regularly are the ones that fail the test.

Finally you want to keep good records of when you take your car in for brake maintenance.This is a big part of caring for your vehicle and its maintenance.It one thing that a prospective buyer will want to look at.Because a new buyer definitely does not want to have to get an expensive brake job.  So in my San Diego brake shop I make sure to give a thorough report to all my clients.

Now hopefully you can see the value in maintaining your car is you want to sell it for a lot of money.  Buyers want good cars that were maintained.  By keeping records you can prove that you have been taking care of it.

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