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Vegetarian Ettiquette

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Eating vegetarian food

When a specialty pizza chef invited you for dinner, you would expect to eat pizza. If a gourmet chef invited you, for dinner you would expect to try some foods that you had never tried before. You would probably even look forward to the bits of flair that would be added to the plates and table. You can apply similar logic to being invited to a vegetarian’s home for dinner. If you are not a vegetarian, it will be an adventure for you. Don’t be afraid to try meat alternatives. Use a little bit of your sense of adventure. Enjoy your meal and be inspired. Herea are some other tips to help you prepare for what you may have to eat.

Vegetarian food is delicious. Vegetarians have a very wide variety of foods. For some vegetariansIndian spices are commonly used. Curry is one spice in particular that is available in various forms. But not all vegetarians use Indian spices all the time.  If you are wondering about other spices vegetarians use, Wai Lana has a big collection of vegetarian recipes that will get your mouth watering.

Curry and spices

Green curry is one of the spicier types. It come both in powder and paste form. Yellow curry is more often found in powder form and is sweeter. Most curries are rich and have sharp flavor. Aside from Indian spices, you are likely to find other spices from other cultures. Saffron is a a very beautiful and delicious spice from Mexico. Asian cooking ingredients such as peppers, soy sauces and sesame oil are also quite common in vegetarian kitchens. In short, expect strongly and richly flavored dishes rather than simple salt and pepper.

Vast vegetarian choices
So, you are about to eat a wonderufl meal. There are many otptions. If your vegetarian friend is a well seasoned cook, expect meat alternatives, and many other types of food. Tofu and tempeh are soy products will probably be served.  In addition to the protein portion of your meal, you will probably get a colorful variety of vegetables.  There are so many varieties of vegetarian food, such as pastas, rice dises, desserts, and almost anything you can think of. Wai Lana has more information on vegetarianism and vegetarian recipes.  You can even try some of them out, so that if you are not accustomed to eating vegetarian meals, you will be surprised by how good vegetarian food tastes and feels.

A mere beginning
There are so many different types of vegetarian food. The important thing to do is to be willing to sit down at the table with an open mind. Get ready to enjoy something new, fun and delicious. Vegetarian foods are definitely unique in that they can taste exactly like meat dishes, but be healthier, karma free, and more economical! If you are looking for recipes on how to use meat substitutes, do look at Wai Lana Yoga’s recipes to help you out. Enjoy an incredible dining experience which may even make you consider going vegetarian.

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